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From the moment we had them on our team, we were set-up for success.
October 2018
We met Becky & Barb (aka the Bs) in May of 2017 way before we knew what we were looking for. They were so kind from the moment we met, letting us know that while our budget would be challenging in this market, it wasn’t impossible and they had a lot of clients just like us. They put us on their lists so we would be able to see what was coming on the market, and suggested we take a free first-time homebuyers class from Tim Kelly with Highlands Mortgage. We attended that class and from there were able to really understand what our budget should be to better enhance our home search. Anytime we found a house we were interested in, they had the showing scheduled quickly – even when they knew we wouldn’t be ready to buy for several months yet. We finally bought our home in August 2018 – a full year after initially meeting Becky & Barb, and I can honestly say that without them, I don’t know if we would have purchased a home. They were encouraging, understood our frustrations and disappointment, and were always looking out for our best interest. We had an offer on a house that fell through due to the sellers, and when we then found the perfect house a few days later, they joined us on a whirlwind of closing in 8 days. When you are buying your first home, it’s so important to have the right people in your corner – we definitely had that. From the moment we had them on our team, we were set-up for success. I cannot recommend them enough – for their experience, their patience, and their caring. I can honestly say now that we aren’t talking to them as regularly, that we miss chatting with them and hunting with them (and eating pie with them). If you are looking for amazing realtors who will not stop until they have found you something perfect, please don’t look further.
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