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Amazing Experience!
February 2020
Amazing Experience! My husband and I were first-time home buyers. We met Becky & Barb and knew we’d be friends before during and after we bought–and that’s been true! We sensed immediately that they were on our team, ready to serve and help us figure out what we wanted and educate us on the whole process as we knew nothing about what to expect. Becky & Barb coached us the whole way, showing us houses, refining our searches, encouraging us to consider different areas. They don’t just know how the process works, they understand school districts, traffic patterns, and the vibes of different neighborhoods because they’ve lived here for so long. When we walked into this house, we knew that we wanted it, so Becky and Barb drew up an aggressive offer and we got it! It was a super fast process because the housing market in northern Virginia is so crazy. We’re so grateful to Becky and Barb! They’re awesome and we love our new house!
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